The Vineyard of My Mind Grapes

Each and every day we suffer from an aberration of thoughts that fill ours minds. Although I can’t confirm that my stream of consciousness is far from yours, as we are all individuals with unique mindsets engraved by our own upbringing and experiences,  this blog illustrates my personal reflection on what life has brought upon me.

My writing is fabricated from dreams, observations, intellectual conflict, and all other forms of ‘knowledge’ that surrounds my existence presented only in the quality of my abilities, which I hope is sufficient enough to bridge an understanding between you and I.

Coming from a small beginning to a great upbringing, I became spoilt and unaware of crucial fragments of reality. Guilt ridden, I decided to stray away from what is expected of me and attempt to make my own way to relieve the ache of my spiritual being.

I want my true voice to be heard, free from the cages of my ribs and into the external environment, and hopefully create a difference; whether as small as making you smile or feel like you’re not alone with certain thoughts, to as big as helping catalyse a change in society.

Please feel free to read through my work; poems, rants, illustrations, and the upcoming manga (comic).









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