A White Dove

As she talked to me Her eyes started to tear. And at times the words of her voice were unclear. My mind floated to dream of heaven, I chose not to hear. The things I did, I apologise, so sincere. I grabbed her hair from ear to ear, We kissed ever so violently, I thank […]

Constant Selfies and Disappointment

Some moments in life can’t be captured on a camera. So stop spending so much time on your fucking phones trying to take selfies and trying to capture that ‘perfect photo’ when the perfect photos are perceived through your very eyes. Be part of the moment. I’m sure you’ve experienced taking so many photos and […]

The Plight of Flight

The clouds, they glisten in the light. The engines roar, I listen, as they boast their might. Voices, they whisper, echo through the chamber of fright. While demons quiver and shiver in cold delight. The air grows stale, chilled, by the frosty night. Yet somehow I’m thrilled by this dreadful and eerie sight. The faces […]

Sin Cities

To sit here alone and wonder Of all the times that are no longer. Amidst the strangers who never ponder, The somber satisfaction of sin for which we all hunger. To sit here alone and wonder of time, More over, Of all wickedness yet to come, coming closer and closer. Many are done with no […]

Untitled (Awake)

I awake. Although it is silent, This was no escape. There’s a lingering sadness within my chest An everlasting torment to keep me from rest. And at best, I lie towards the heavens to guide me away from what I detest. My mind’s spiraling, Down into an abyss of the unknown. Yet somehow My mind […]