Step 4: Interviews and Market Research

The potential for the Market

There is a large market for personal thoughts and stories, which is evident through a new youtube trend. Searching, ‘i just bought a stranger’s diary for’ (, displays how people are interested in personal thoughts and are willing to pay money for it, at times for hundreds of dollars.

This also shows the potential to spread awareness worldwide – not to mention the possibility of online distribution.

I have also conducted a survey in regards to who would buy the intended product (a book/magazine of sufferers’ daily lives); the majority mentioned that they would rather buy a book than a magazine, but all have said ‘yes’.

A cafe/bar manager stated that they would be willing to do a monthly subscription, given that it is at a fair price (financials will be explored in Project B).

Interviews with ‘Sufferers’

I first built a rapport with them before proceeding to ask them the questions. We shared stories, and through that, I feel like they were able to be more comfortable with talking to me and trusted with my project. The interview was mainly just a general discussion of how they would envision the project, however, I did include a few questions that I used in all interviews:

Do you have any interest in creativity or art?

If so, why?

Do you practice any creative activities yourself on a weekly basis?

If yes, what do you do? And why?

If no, why not?

Do you enjoy reading on a regular basis?

Would you personally be willing to write a piece about yourself to be made public?

Interviewing a Psychiatrist

I have contacted a psychiatrist and am hoping to hear from them.

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